Technology in the classroom can improve mathematics

I get emails on regular basis from Engaging maths forum and today i received which was about technology and mathematics.

The article stated that incorporating technology in math classes has shifted the focus from traditional view to a more problem-solving approach. The traditional view of mathematics was focused on memorization and rote learning where as now it is has a purpose and application. It also states ( all backed by research) that technology can improve student engagement with mathematics and assist in improving their understanding of mathematical concepts.


maths n IT

Some of the ways teachers use technology in the classrooms:

  1. show and tell apps, such as explain eveyrthing, educreation or show me, which allows students to show and explain the solution to a mathematical problem using voice and images.  That is so cool.
  2. flipped learning, where teachers use technology to replace traditional classroom instruction. RAT framework?
  3. Subscription based resources packages such as Matheletics which provide interactive game-based learning activities, allow teachers to set and monitor activities.
  4. generic apps such as google maps, camera.

Engaging Maths. (2017). Technology in the classroom can improve primary mathematics. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Sep. 2017].


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