Assignment 3 – an interactive website

Thinking about assignment 3 – a website.. We can use Wix OR weebly and don’t have to do any coding. But now these days in school students are thought coding. I, personally know how to do coding as i learned it in uni when i was studying IT. It is very interesting and you can do cool stuff. My daughter is learning coding in school as well using Scratch. It is very easy and user friendly software. I googled what other software is available for kids to learn coding from and compiled my list. Here it is:

  1. – it teaches students basic programming by providing guided exercises for students to complete.
  2. Hello Ruby – this website has detailed lesson plans for integrating coding into classroom and it explain programming fundamentals well.
  3. CS unplugged –  is a website which provides free activities for classroom and teacher programming fundamentals without the use of ICT devices. It is good for those classroom where ICT is limited.





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