Fear of ICTs

I found many teachers even experienced teachers are afraid of using ICT, even my colleague Barb has experienced it.I personally find using ICT in the class makes the lesson more interesting and keep students engage for long. BUT it has to be used appropriately, otherwise it can be a time waster. I believe giving training to teachers and more PDs on incorporating ICT to classroom will give teachers confidence and courage to use it frequently. Additionally, a good support program for teacher in school for using ICT is important, as it will boost teachers’ confidence.




1 thought on “Fear of ICTs”

  1. I agree Saniya, teachers need the correct support and training to ensure they are able to correctly implement ICT’s in the classroom. Another issue most teachers face is the problem of the ICT’s not working correctly or dropping out. This can make it difficult for teachers especially if they are relying on the ICT to deliver a lesson. Most schools will have someone in the staffing who will know what to do but some will have to wait for tech support.


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