Grade 4s and ICT

I am doing my prac in grade 4 class, with 2 awesome mentors. They do team teaching unless it is a specialist subject.

Grade 4 have been using a fair bit of ICT. They have their own ipads and use the following apps:

  1. Explain everything – they can upload pictures, write little stories and make a video
  2. SeeSaw – students take the photo of their projects and upload it on seesaw, teacher gets a notification and she approves.
  3. idiscover – last term they did a project on iDiscover and shared it with whole class



Fear of ICTs

I found many teachers even experienced teachers are afraid of using ICT, even my colleague Barb has experienced it.I personally find using ICT in the class makes the lesson more interesting and keep students engage for long. BUT it has to be used appropriately, otherwise it can be a time waster. I believe giving training to teachers and more PDs on incorporating ICT to classroom will give teachers confidence and courage to use it frequently. Additionally, a good support program for teacher in school for using ICT is important, as it will boost teachers’ confidence.



Some more ICTs

I was googling some more ICT tools that can be used in the classroom to prepare myself for prac..the list of programs is endless. Some of my favorite ones are:

  1. Socrative
  2. Prezi
  3. EduBlogs
  4. Hour of code
  7. Plickers

Bring on prac! cant wait to incorporate ICT in the classroom..


Assignment 3 – an interactive website

Thinking about assignment 3 – a website.. We can use Wix OR weebly and don’t have to do any coding. But now these days in school students are thought coding. I, personally know how to do coding as i learned it in uni when i was studying IT. It is very interesting and you can do cool stuff. My daughter is learning coding in school as well using Scratch. It is very easy and user friendly software. I googled what other software is available for kids to learn coding from and compiled my list. Here it is:

  1. – it teaches students basic programming by providing guided exercises for students to complete.
  2. Hello Ruby – this website has detailed lesson plans for integrating coding into classroom and it explain programming fundamentals well.
  3. CS unplugged –  is a website which provides free activities for classroom and teacher programming fundamentals without the use of ICT devices. It is good for those classroom where ICT is limited.




Technology in the classroom can improve mathematics

I get emails on regular basis from Engaging maths forum and today i received which was about technology and mathematics.

The article stated that incorporating technology in math classes has shifted the focus from traditional view to a more problem-solving approach. The traditional view of mathematics was focused on memorization and rote learning where as now it is has a purpose and application. It also states ( all backed by research) that technology can improve student engagement with mathematics and assist in improving their understanding of mathematical concepts.


maths n IT

Some of the ways teachers use technology in the classrooms:

  1. show and tell apps, such as explain eveyrthing, educreation or show me, which allows students to show and explain the solution to a mathematical problem using voice and images.  That is so cool.
  2. flipped learning, where teachers use technology to replace traditional classroom instruction. RAT framework?
  3. Subscription based resources packages such as Matheletics which provide interactive game-based learning activities, allow teachers to set and monitor activities.
  4. generic apps such as google maps, camera.

Engaging Maths. (2017). Technology in the classroom can improve primary mathematics. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Sep. 2017].

ICTs and special needs students

I am doing Special education elective alongside this course and was wondering how iPad and computers can be used as an effective means of differentiation for students with special needs. Studies have indicated that mainstream classroom teacher are sometimes unsure of the best ways to differentiate for students in their class with special educational needs, but I think especially after doing edc3100 using ICTs in classroom are simple and effective way to support students with special needs and its gives the students to achieve to the best of their ability in a manner that best suits their learning.

Back to blogging..

Back to  blogging.. been very busy with designing unit of work for edc3100 assignment two. During the planning phase i found some good  resources  for my unit of work. This made me excited but also over whelmed as i wasn’t sure how to incorporate everything.My colleague McK felt the same. I am nearly towards the end of my unit of work and hope to finish it by the weekend. I just hope i have done enough to make the unit engaging for the students.