My concept map….

Yoohooo.. i made my concept map using for this course.. very basic for a start and probably add more to it later.

edc3100 mindmap

Michelle did hers after seeing mine and she uses alot more ICTs comparatively. Her concept map is quite intense.




Constructing and Transforming knowledge..

When planning any unit of work it is recommended to use objectives that form both constructing and transforming. Constructing knowledge is when students learn about concepts, facts or procedures and transforming knowledge is when students apply their constructing knowledge in new situations.


Constructing Knowledge/Transforming Knowledge Blooms Taxonomy is an appropriate tool to understand both type of learning, this is because, it shows the difference between the two. The verb found in the Bloom Taxonomy aids to identify learning between constructing and transforming knowledge. For example, words such as identify, understand are use to explain constructing knowledge and words such as compare, analyse, evaluate relate to transforming knowledge. Understanding these terminology helps us to understand the Australian Curriculum and especially those learning areas where the type of learning is not clearly outlined.

RAT framework..

This week i learnt an interesting framework – the RAT framework. The “RAT” framework has three categories. They are:

  1. ICT as Replacement – which is ICT is used to replace some mode of delivery but does not really change any aspect of SLIC.
  2. ICT as Amplification – in this ICT is used to improve efficiency or productivity of the current approach. No major changes in SLIC  but they are simply performed using ICTs to amplify.
  3. ICT as Transformation – ICT used in this presents a new mode of delivering, presenting content.


Ok, this framework was an eye opener and brings in the real challenge..which is. are we as teacher replacing our teaching methods, or amplifying it to increase its outcome or transforming it to a different level.

I also got another fantastic idea from another student in this course is to collect resources which could help us for this course and in our teaching career. She also shared with us an excellent resource and has saved it on her blog.



20 years later and its fits in our pocket….

i was going through weekly readings from the study desk and in one of the readings i came across convergence. Convergence is “the idea that rather than have separate devices for audio, video, print, phone calls etc you can have one digital device” ( Are ICTs just about technology, week 1). The video with it very nicely portray the progress in technology, that everything like calender, phone, fax machine etc.. is now all in one device computer. We can communicate with anyone via skype, email in seconds. This makes me wonder what it will be like in the next 20 years. My biggest concern is we as teachers, parents would we able to cope with all these changes. It is easy for young generation to adapt to changes and learn new technology but not very feasible for older generation. I also wonder that these advancement in technology may also affect the way we teach in the classrooms and the way students will learn.



1st week of Semester 2…

Hmm.semester has officially started and now trying to get into a study routine.. Kids are still on school holidays so house is noisy..Cant wait for next week when they are back to school…

I am also doing another elective course – Spe3002 (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Its based on Autistic children, how it affects them and what can educators do to assist them. I am getting a good understanding on how Autistic child’s mind works and what can we as educators can do to assist them in their learning journey.



My first post……

Hello,this is Saniya Hanif and this is my blog for the course EDC3100 – ICT and Pedagogy. I am a  third year student, studying Primary education part time. I am also mother of four beautiful kids, age 9, 6, 5 and 3 months old. I have worked as an IT professional prior to having kids, and married to an IT guru. I also have  vested interest in ICT and usually keep myself updated with all the latest technology. I am really looking forward to this course and to see the pedagogy side of  ICT.